Getting out when you want to stay in.

I needed to get OUT today. I knew it last night, I probably knew it days ago. OUT. We had been outside, of course, but on the manicured grounds of amusement parks and resort pools. I needed OUT. I needed salt air and sea and sediment and, as it turned out bunnies. I needed Hawaii, I thought. Instead, I got Terranea, and as long as I kept my face seaward and ignored the trumpdom to the east, I was fine. 

We walked for an hour, we climbed rocks I was afraid to climb. We saw four lizards, twelve dragon flies, about twenty pelicans and SO MANY BUNNIES (as far as saving the day goes, the bunnies get a lot of the credit).

At the end, by the cave, there are chairs and umbrellas. Just waiting for you. I know sharing secrets with the internet isn't the smartest thing to do, but...I think it's going to be my new secret hideaway.

Stand-in Hawaii did a super good job. 

Thirty minutes in, forty minutes out, my head ringing with Caddyshack jokes the whole way. 

He got up there in the time it took me to chase my hat. Like, seconds. I looked where he had been, and it was empty space, and behind it was churning ocean, and I thought to myself, "Well, you've gone and done it this time," and then I heard "Hey mom!" And it took me more than a moment to find him all that way up. Who would have thought? Not ever me. Some days are surprising.

Then he kind of just posed for a bit. I realized later he was contemplating how the hell he was going to get down, but he made sure he looked good doing it.


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