what life's been like.

it has been an extra hard year, that much is for sure. there was school for the first time for the little, a new job for me, major ebbs and flows for andy's schedule, too much hard labor in the backyard (we're still not done. sigh.), and the trying to help my mom with the detritus of detritus in the wake of my grandma dying. among all the other stuff. which there also was a lot of. 

and so. my go-to in those kinds of months, my spirit animal, if you will, is that of a zamboni. and the motto? just keep on going, girl. slow and steady wins the race. sometimes going around in circles is your job. leave it smooth and shiny as you go. but sometimes even that gets doesn't work, even the zen of the zamboni leaves me wanting. and then...well, i've got no answer for then, other than haul your complaining ass out of bed and, as my grandpa used to say, "shit, shower, shave and show up." 

(sorry if that's too much. that was too much, right?)

and now i've lost my train of thought. anyway. 

point being, i needed a bit of a respite, and it was hard to find. luckily, i managed to carve out a solid hour (maybe hour and fifteen minutes) for this: 

hammock, pillow, mimosa, book. (something bit the hell out of me while i was there, but i'm choosing to ignore it because RESPITE, dammit).

hope you find some soon, too.


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