I'm a messy desk keeper.

Who me? I am here. I know, barely. But I've been here all along. Lurking around. Checking in every few months. Pretending this blog didn't exist for weeks at a time. I was doing a really good job at it.

But I set goals, too, you know. And this here blog, this here blog that's seven years old (a second grader!), its a goal of mine this year. Call it a resolution, if you must, but I'm working hard at getting back to the things that make me happy, and if I need to be strategic about it, so be it.

So. This year (2013. And my birthday? 2/13. I'm calling it kismet. I'm calling it a sign. I'm calling it the Age of Aquarius. And I'm calling it, right now, do you hear me? MINE.) is going to be all about these things:

1. Good jobs that make me feel fulfilled and happy and invested in my neighborhood.
2. Lady Mentors.
3. My backyard.
4. Best friends, near and far.
5. The best boys (they are mine, sorry).
6. Photographs (iphone and camera+ count).
7. Words.
8. Only good tv.
9. Working hard, and making it look (and feel) like the other way around.



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