well, oh my. so. time, as you see, has flown.

arlo turned two. then two and one month. then two and two months. and now, we are nearly at the end of july. two and three months, here we come.

here's a weird thing about toddler-dom and the state of my life: though this is very likely the most chaotic time of life yet with arlo, i somehow feel like, for the first time in over two years, that i have the hang of this. yes, its a huge ton of juggling. work for this three hours, get him to nap for those two hours, clean and tidy for those three hours. the laundry. lunches not eaten. dinners dumped. and oh! the things that are thrown (oh my god, the things that are thrown).

make no mistake: its hard, its grueling. by 10pm most nights (if i'm still awake) i about want to die. there always seem to be two bags packed: one for me to head to the office, one for arlo to head about anywhere. my showers are brief. my sleep is heavy and hard. i have learned how to walk very quietly during naptime. i have learned to appreciate geriatric speed dinner (starts at 6pm, ends by 6:30). i pray before trips to the grocery store, and have been for sure seen running out of target, arlo in tow, to give him a talking-to on the bench outside. but also: he's so funny. and can be excruciatingly sweet. and his love of pie is admirable and steadfast. so, you know, we make do. i breathe deeply, in the rare moments when i can (i have found, and this is surprising to me, that i am not often able to do that. this is probably a really big problem, i'm sure). i do a lot of eye rolling. i kvetch with my clutch of fellow moms.

but here's the weird thing: the house has really rarely been cleaner. laundry is done twice a week. i have not yet missed  a deadline for work (though the last time we got closer than i ever want to be again). between nap and nighttime, arlo is sleeping an average of 12 hours a day, he's grown three inches since february, and he can count til twenty (though sometimes not necessarily in order).

and its summer. i'll be around here more often, i hope. keep checking.


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