#febphotoaday 1-4

Days one through four....

one) my view: teatime at my friend lisa's house, sipping on earl grey, nomming on birthday cupcakes, walking around the pool and watching arlo systematically destroy her house. it was the loveliest of afternoons.

two) words: my shopping list; partial.

three) hands: mine; working.

four) a stranger: surreptitiously caught at the venice beach playground. chicken.

it was an interesting week. we're not sleeping so well over here (well, i am, when i can, thank you melatonin). arlo on the other hand... my thought process is that his mind is so busy trying to figure out how to master the 5 new words he's coming up with every day, that there's just no room in his brain to fit in any rest. at least i hope that's what it is.

anyway, the aforementioned lisa j. saved me from a hideous wednesday (with less than four hours of sleep on tuesday night), by hosting our motley crew. thursday was some shopping. friday working. saturday we headed down to the beach to play with friends, in hopes of dishing on downton abbey. more like chasing toddlers around, peeling oranges, and trying to find strangers within phone photo shooting range.

i love this project.


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