away, away

i have not posted in a long long time. which, yes, went very much against my promise, a few months ago, to post ALL THE TIME. something happened. many things happened, none of them bad, don't worry, just all of them at once, and many of them unprepared for and BOOM. no time for blog.

the little started to crawl and then cruise and then walk and now, you guessed it, compromise the baby gates. we had done some baby proofing, at least we thought we had. what we had actually done is baby guessing. figuring, you know, if I can't get the cabinet locks open/baby gate undone/ sippy cups correctly taken apart, etc., there's no way he can.


and so.

i spend the majority of the day chasing after him (he walks now. even kind of runs, which is really just a very fast walk, with his torso still moving slightly ahead of his feet, which inevitably ends up in a topple), watching the floor, watching the counters, watching everything, trying to anticipate what will end up underfoot, in hand or in mouth (and occasionally all three).

by the way, he has a new trick. if i ask him, "arlo, what's in your mouth?" he will open his mouth wide at me and roll his tongue around, as if to say, "look nothing!". that is, if there really is nothing in his mouth. if there is something in his mouth, he will give me a close mouthed smile and run.

sleep has also been a major issue since our vacation in march. and once that seemed to even out down to one or two wake-ups a night (down from FIVE OR SIX. cue angry mama), i got sick, and then he got sick. now we all seem to be better, but he has started to stay up later, sometimes til close to ten, which, let me tell you, sucks. it sucks. did i tell you? IT SUCKS. especially since now molars are coming in and we're back to waking too many times during the night. seriously, i'm so tired i lose my balance sometimes.

and with that, nap time is over and he's stirring.  i am really going to try to carve out more time. i promise promise.


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