oh arlo (sung to the tune of "oh yoko", by j.l.)

first: i did not forget your six month birthday. i did not. its just...SO...BIG...and i found that i needed a few days to wrap my head around it. six months? really? do you know that all you have to do is six m
onths 35 more times, and then, presto chango, you'll be EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD?! and do you know that, even though that thought is totally totally crazy-town, i have completely succumbed to it and now, every time i sit with you, i can feel the minutes slipping away, speeding towards 2028?

what the five month to six month spread has been like:

you are a new boy every day. seriously, the learning curve has shot to the moon. you clap, you sit, you can cross a room in seconds and wedge yourself underneath the ottoman by rolling rolling rolling.

you EAT! real FOOD! we started with butternut squash, which you hated. moved on to sweet potato, which you hated. moved on to carrots, which you hated, and we came to the conclusion that orange foods were from the devil. until we started experimenting with spices: ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and/or pumpkin pie spice, make orange veggies delectable.

on the green veggie side, there was nothing we could do to convince you of the avocado, but peas? holy christmas, you love them. you also love yogurt. today, we're gonna try some pears.

on the downside, your days of sleeping like a, well, baby (who thought THAT up?) seem to have gone with your preference for pacifiers and being swaddled. over the last week, you've taken to waking up at 3 am, and staying that way til the sun comes up. not my favorite, i assure you, but we're dealing. we're all cranky and overtired, but we're dealing.

lastly, today is halloween. you were supposed to wear a skeleton costume, but i had some trouble getting you into it on friday (it was a bit like trying to stuff a sausage, truth be told). so, alas, no costume today. should you get all upset about it one day in the far off future that there are no photos of your first halloween, i'm sorry, but its not my fault you outgrew your halloween costume before halloween came around. you did wear it last weekend, to a picnic (where the danger of your outgrowing it became apparent), maybe i'll just lie to you.

ok, maybe i won't.


amy rosenberg said…
in the middle of a dream i call your name...
lollypophead said…
julian and i finally met you and your sweet little toes! i wanted to eat one, but your folks wouldn't let me. squares.

you are so fortunate to have such wonderful, albeit square, parents. and it's really, really cool that your mom is writing this blog for you. I'm tempted to cut, paste, and change names accordingly so that julian can have such a recording of his early life. please don't tell him if i do.

love you, auntie benett

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