five months old.

dear arlo,
all day today i thought it was your five month birthday, but it turns out it was yesterday.  a perfect example of the "mommy brain" i've been suffering from (other examples include: leaving car doors wide open for hours on end, leaving purchases at the grocery counter, and never seeming to know what day it is).  so, it was yesterday, which means my little song and dance for you this morning was a day late.  which is fine, cause there was no way i was gonna do any singing or dancing for you yesterday, given that it was the hottest day ever recorded in los angeles.  did you hear that?  EVER.

i'm sure it will be your first memory, that scorching monday in this little old 70 year house with poor insulation and no air conditioning, and how we migrated from room to room to outside back to inside, a sum total of 3 baths, 2 shared popsicles and 1 totally miserable family, dogs included.

here's what you are like at five months and one day: 
you can almost, just almost, sit up by yourself.
you have, twice, rolled over.
you are the greatest company: you laugh, you sing, you can cock an eyebrow like a pro.
you love to swing, and also listen to the beatles.
you have lots of baby friends, and i love them all, but i gotta say, you're the best.
also, you are huge.  and getting huger. 

also (and again, you can accuse me of being subjective, but i'm not, its totally true), you are beautiful. amazingly, achingly beautiful.  your blue eyes are turning to gray, and gaining gold flecks.  your hair came back, and shines gold in the sun. and you just radiate joy. i have seen it in action, you can turn someone's bad mood right upside down (you're like mary tyler moore that way). 

i love you to pieces.  i promise not to forget your six month birthday.
love, mama


jackie kersh said…
happy day late to you sir arlo! you are fantastic (and so is your mommy).

i love you, arlo. i love you, lisa. i can't wait to hug and kiss and snuggle you. both of you.

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