amy wuz here.

of which there will be photographic proof, as soon as i connect my camera to my computer.  granted, i could be doing that right now, as arlo has been conked out in his car seat since a VERY exciting afternoon trip to the park, but frankly, i'm too pooped to even begin to consider searching for a) my camera, b) the connection cord and, c) i can't think of a c.

things we did: take arlo j on his first museum trip (hello getty villa.  should you ever retire as a museum, i promise, i will come live at you in a heartbeat.  especially if i can have the restaurant and amphitheater, too.).  he kind of cried through most of it.  the rest of it, he charmed strangers.  this is his new trick.  charm strangers, and then cry with me.  lovely.

we also took a mini trip to ventura and literally stumbled upon earl stanley gardner's offices.  who is earl stanley gardner, you say?  only my 2nd personal hero (falls in line behind v. woolf), and creator of perry mason, the best television show ever.  i mean, really, we were walking, i noticed "historical marker #86" on a marble wall, and there you go, the offices of esg.  fantastic.

we also went to sephora, and its as tragic as it is official: arlo hates sephora.

my life is getting a little more serious in the coming days, as i will commence working from home on monday.  it is causing me anxiety attacks, which is silly, i know, but there it is.  instead, i want to hang out with lisa johnson and push arlo in swings at the park, like i did most of this afternoon.  and if its raining, watch perry mason.  why won't someone pay me for that?


jackie kersh said…
good luck with the work thing. there will still plenty of time time left to push baby swings and watch the box. don't you worry.

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