only eight. and that is, of course, if i make it. if you were with me yesterday, when andy and i struggled through a day of breakfast out (we are relishing these meals out while we can), target, a quick short visit with my mom, and then dinner out (see what i mean?) and then trader joe's (more on tjs later), and cvs, you would have thought this little boy would have made his appearance by noon today.

ever since my dr.'s appointment last thursday, when he alerted me to the fact that i was having a contraction without really knowing it, i have been feeling them ALL THE TIME (i am powerfully open to suggestion. this has now been officially confirmed). after a fairly stressful last day of work on friday, and then an even more stressful (for no good reason) saturday, i was literally under siege, at one point trapped in a public restroom, in a half standing/half sitting position, as that exact position was the only one i could be in without vocalizing in pain. one inch either way, and it was all over.

i ended up hobbling out to find andy in the restaurant, and told him "can't do it, have to go home." only for us to get in the car, drive 4 blocks, have me tell him to hold on and park in the neighborhood for a minute or two, that maybe it would pass. then sit in the car and writhe a bit til it did, and then GO BACK to get dinner and finish up at trader joe's. only to end up at home, 2 hours later, in hot panicky tears, putting away $200 of trader joe's groceries (can you imagine how much food that is?) that we bought, with "stocking up" in mind.

obviously late pregnancy is making me into a crazy person.

today has been much more relaxed, and i haven't felt anything pain-wise, other than a dull ache in my head, and a looming worry of what i will do with myself with this time off work before arlo shows up. such a stupid thing to worry about, i know, but i actually made myself a list earlier: with something to do each day, just so i can stay busy.

since WHEN am i somebody who needs to stay busy? last i checked, i found nothing wrong with sitting in my pajamas all day long, eating countless cups of yogurt and watching an entire 6 episode dvd of perry mason...


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