dear baby #2

that does sound a little misleading, doesn't it? ironically, one of my bosses best friends, who i will call Pablo for anonymity, is hoping there's a baby number two hiding behind you. but only so he can have it. he is also hoping baby number two is asian. you will meet pablo one day. maybe then you will understand.

so. there are not two babies (pablo's hopes aside - I HOPE!), but this is my second letter to you. tomorrow, you will have nine weeks left in there. i hope you took my warning a couple weeks ago to heed and that you're getting ready to greet the great outdoors. i know that your kicks (and worse! your from the inside of my belly finger scratches - those are WEIRD!) are getting a bit stronger, i imagine you're running out of room in there. start accepting the idea that move-out date is coming soon. you should also start accepting the fact that the longer you stay in there, the more anxious your dad and i are to meet you, or at least to get you to respond to us (you'll realize we're kind of like that), so all those annoying things we've (really, HE has) been doing, like shining a flashlight on my belly, and using the baby monitor backwards with the headphones on you while your dad talks into the microphone...those will only get more frequent.

we are also stepping up our hypnobabies classes, and all of a sudden i'm getting worried about how you're going to get out of there. where my first forays into self-hypnosis were great (i even fell asleep!) last night's practice had me opening my eyes, getting itchy, and most offensive, getting bored with the whole process. i am trying not to get nervous. its not going well.

your aunt no no will be here this weekend, and you will hear a whole lot of other folk, who have all decided to descend on your great-grandma's house for your baby shower. truly, i am stunned at the number of folks coming! we will have to take some time aside this summer (once you're out) to introduce you to all of them, so you can thank them in person for all the fun stuff they're buying for you. meanwhile, we will take photos on saturday, and i will ask them to write little messages to you, just in case you grow up to be a sentimental kind of boy...

one really nice thing i have to thank you for: arlo, you are good at calming me. even last night during the itchy annoying hypnosis practice, i put my hand on my belly and felt you nudging me and thought, yep, here we are little boy. you and me. and we'll get through this, somehow, this birth, this life, this whole big future, hopefully without hating eachother. i will take care of you, and you, by your very existence, are taking care of me. and andy, too. we'll all be ok.

that is, unless sarah palin runs for and wins the presidency in 2012. in that case, we're moving. really, really, really far.


Jackie Kersh said…
very sweet. he'll love reading this blog (if they aren't extinct by then) when he's older.

love the name arlo!

hope you had a fun shower.

pik said…
it is sweet... and beautiful. that (next-to) last paragraph really tore at my heart! (andy can probably tell you why.)

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