listening to all things considered reporting on the decade in review, and contemplating. it seems, really a good moment for contemplation.

can i remember how i rang in 2000?
(oh jesus, wait, yes.)

i think i came back here, to la, and went to a party in brentwood. i don't know whose party it was. i think i went with alexandra. we didn't eat dinner, instead opting for sushi purchased from the ralph's where we also purchased vodka and orange juice. i'm sure you can see where this is going...i woke up on the living room floor of that brentwood apartment, my pretty banana republic cardigan ruined, and drove us home. i flew back to portland later that night, leaving my house keys in my dad's truck on the way to lax. definitely not one of my prouder moments.

oh wait NO. i think that was ringing in 1999. i don't remember 2000 at all, except for being pretty sure that my dad got married on new year's day 2000.

nye 2000 may have been the night that nicole and i lost libby. i was almost 26. pink house on weidler. free taxis all night. sounds right to me.

my decade in review: 7 pets, including the pit bull that came to live with us for a week in 2002. moved 6 times, including that last one in the uhaul with nicole and amy. i may have already known nicole (can't remember) but i met amy and nika and karl and so many wonderful portlanders. NINE jobs. wow. 3 cars. i finished school. i fell in love wrongly, wrongly, wrongly, then rightly. 3 presidential elections, all of which made me cry (and got to learn that crying through laughter is the best thing ever). got into lots of trouble, jumped through hoops of fire, laughed, sang, cried, wrote pointless letters and extensive journals, and slept...a lot.

this time in ten years will see me as the mom of a 9 year old boy. fourth grade? soccer, baseball? sketches of dragons and dinosaurs? remote control cars? the concept is bewildering. and intoxicating. i'll probably know his name by then.

i think i'm ready.


you make me cry. i miss you so much.

so...on the technical side....i did not meet you until July of nye2000/NY 2001 is when we lost Libby. Funny stuff!

But July will be our 10 year and I still love you as much as I did that first time we went to the Matador on Xmas Eve. Sigh.

And now you will be a mom.

What about George. You know you love it.
Karl said…
Catching up on your blog while at work...

You are a great writer.


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