things i can no longer tolerate

(and am completely heartbroken over):

fried food. don't go hating. i don't mean chicken, or bacon or whatever. i mean fried tofu with broccoli and peanut sauce. not happening. or, the best food in the world: mcdonalds french fries and chicken nuggets. soooo not happening. croutons? nope. reluctant to try a sunny side up egg.

the smell of fish. even tuna fish, which i made last night. and while it tasted amazing, i had to eat it quickly, trying not to breathe in through my nose. my co worker had ceviche for lunch yesterday and i had to stare at the ceiling to keep the room from spinning.

the most heartbreaking (and if you know me well, please sit down)? coffee. i have not had coffee for over a week. i cannot remember the last time i haven't had coffee for over a week. i have probably never not had coffee for over a week.

any and all butter or butter substitutes.

any and all cleaning products, even and especially mrs. myers or whatever its called.

conversely, all i want to eat are peaches. and peach smoothies. i put a peach in my water yesterday. yes, i did. it looked gross, but it tasted gooooood.

oh my god, and do you know what the best thing in the world is, and i can't believe i've forgotten about it, lo these 25 years? chocolate milk. chocolate milk rocks the casbah.

also, after multiple pieces of advice, i have decided against the extra big delia's pants and instead just dropped $200 on maternity wear via old navy and the gap. 3 pairs of pants, a dress, a skirt, and a few shirts should take care of matters. feeling much better than i did yesterday morning when, in a rush to get ready for work, i realized that my favorite jeans wouldn't button.


Jackie Kersh said…
peaches, interesting. i was all about salad and cereal. hot vegetables and meat grossed me out. it will pass, i promise.

hooray for the new wardrobe! this is a fun time to experiment with accessories since you will spend a lot of time wearing the same boring things. leggings are also a lifesaver .. they are cheap and versatile.
lms said…
jackie: no joke about the accessories, as nearly everything i ordered was black or gray. an unconscious attempt to be invisible while at the same time huge.

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