two weeks and change.

update: i think it went really well. i actually have another interview on thursday, with another agency, but agency number one emailed me this afternoon, after our interview (liked him as much as i did over the phone. my would-be office has a view of the disney hall), and asked me to come in for 20 minutes with the president, and another 10 to meet with HR and talk over the benefits package. i think that means they want me.

did i tell you my mom bought me a suit? a beautiful gray jackie o'audrey looking dress suit, that believe me you, i have just torn up the internet looking for a picture of. to no avail. i will leave it to your imagination, but there, picture me in it, downtown la, talking over benefits packages and trying my best to make a situation that, 3 weeks ago, seemed like a whole lot of bad news, turn into a thing that is really really good.

k+n and n and a: it really looked there like it wasn't going to happen, but i am not giving up hope yet. i have until the 10th, right, n? that's still a few days away, and i might yet make a plane reservation, even if i have to pack my own pillow and blanket.

i miss you guys. this has been a rough month. fuck that july july.

ps this joblessness has seen me get addicted to the worst tv show yet in my bad tv show arsenal: gossip girl. please help.


oh got me in its clenches, too. so bad...but it did seem like something WE would watch together.
Nika said…
the suit sounds perfect. i hope the new job is great.

i still haven't heard back from most people, but i've been busy...need to start paying attention i guess.

i had a (group) show that opened at the beginning of august:
true nature
and the gallery just asked to represent me (yipee)

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