for k + n, with love and squalor

today reminded me of you...too much to do in too small of a space, plus labelling, lots of labelling. and i sat there, labels in lap, sticking cards thinking, how did i do this then? i feel like i was faster then...what was my system?

i couldn't remember. what was my system? i only remember dana's: always putting the labels on the wrong place, only realizing it 200 postcards in. i remember sitting in a circle, listening to the flaming lips, stuffing, lifting, sticking, stacking, assembly-line style. i remember the particular kind of brain-dead-ness that happened after an hour or two of postcard/stuffing/envelope/labelling, wherein the tiniest of dilemmas required mountains of thought. today i battled for a good 2 minutes over what comes first: the f or the g.

a couple of weeks ago, we moved our bedroom around (the bed is under the windows now, providing much needed relief for hot night sleeping). i found a shoebox under my side (found a lot of things, really, you know me) and i opened it, and there were all kinds of things: postcards, invitations, photos...and at the bottom, a photobooth strip from lincoln city:

you and you and dana and rochelle.

remember that retreat? new yorker magazines, ice cream, bad movies, good food, and a spider that kept dana awake almost all night.

i miss you guys. xo.


Nika said…
i remember that retreat--those enormous creepy spiders, swearing at teenagers crossing in front of our green light, garlic olive oil and bread, sitting around the fire outside. i totally covet photo booth strips, but i don't know if i have one. i must, in another shoebox full of cards and photos.

i can't believe i hadn't read your blog for a month and a half.

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