late, as always.

i'm not good at these either, but have been inspired by others who have taken the leap.

five things you don't know about me:
(really hard, considering that some of you know me really well)

1. i hate the sound of tin foil crackling. and the sight of tinfoil in windows. and, really, the smell of tinfoil. i much prefer cling wrap and/or scrubbing oven pans.

2. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, which you may know, but you may not know just how much i love it. i do. and it has nothing to do with pilgrims, or indians, or conucopias, but much more to do with the fact that, no matter how bad or boring or uninspired the year has been, by it's almost end, i have so much to be thankful for, in friends and loved ones and pets and laughing fits. and i can't help wanting to explode with thanks for all of it. and i like to eat.

3. when i doodle, i sign my name, but not in my signature. in different signatures. is that narcissitic? or psychopathic?

4. i don't much like having my photo taken anymore.

5. i wish i were more athletic. more into risk taking. i'm not...i'm the worlds biggest grandmommy.


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