going sale-ing

all packed up and ready to go to the baz biz sale last saturday. the boy said it looked like i was moving out, or rather going on a very shoddy 1930s vacation. yeah.

this was the first culmination, the first finishing of something, that i've experienced since being done with college. you know, projects. i don't think i'm explaining this well. anyway, i enjoyed the work, like i do all project work. and yet it came with the same let down, the same next day tired and sad, the same wanting to sleep too much, that finishing projects (or quarters) did at school. the sale was exciting, but it felt like a holiday, like a fancy day, like a day at disneyland. but then i came home, tired tired, and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and took a bath and got in bed and read my henry james and went to sleep.

and then i slept, no kidding, for, wait let me count, from 10 pm on saturday to 2 pm on sunday. what is that, 16 hours? that's what i slept for. and felt headachey, so i went to bed early again, and woke up this morning feeling great.

great, but strangely reluctant to pick up knitting needles.


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