and so this is christmas...

there will be more posts soon, you know good ones with photos and funny stories. this one is just a hello post. a hello, and how are you and did it snow where you live on christmas? post. it did not snow where i live. it was 70 degrees.

perhaps it was because of the ungodly (and un-christmasy) weather, i turned into a christmas machine. i MADE all my presents. i also made pomander balls. i also made pompon balls out of yarn with which i decorated my light up christmas tree. i also made a star for said tree out of cardboard, glue and gold buttons. i set up not one, but TWO christmas villiages in our house (one under the tree, one on the table that held the food for our...), christmas eve open house that i hosted. i went to trader joes and, according to the boy, bought everything that had "chocolate" on the label. i baked, wait let's see...what's 45 times 6? yes, i baked two hundred and seventy chocolate chip cookies, put handfulls of them in ziplocks and then little gift bags and distributed them to our neighbors. i not only bought christmas presents for our dogs, i bought christmas presents for other people's dogs.

and still, no matter how hard i tried, decorated, baked, spread good cheer, etc. it would not get any colder. not a bit.


Nika said…
by about dec. 22nd i was all pms-y and pissed off at christmas (any kind of retail job is just too busy around the "holidays". who gets a #@$%* "holiday" anyhow?). i was too stressed out to actually accomplish anything other than some angry naps.

eventually i managed to make cards and some candy, but that is about it. i am impressed by your productivity. i still haven't gotten karl a christmas present...or a birthday present (which was on dec. 5th), but we kind of agreed to a different arrangement this year.

oh well, i hope you guys had a nice one. and that all of your neighbors love you (i have lived in the apartment for 3+ years and i wouldn't even recognize half of my neighbors, all 12 of them).

best wishes for the new year!
love ya,

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