no i did not forget you.

i have been, perhaps, hibernating. still not well. it seems i am being karmically punished for all the times i thought/wished i had meningitis or mono or the gout or dropsy or polio or consumption etc etc just so i wouldn't have to go to work (actually, consumption could still be in the running, i keep forgetting to wikipedia it).

anyway, who wants to blog about being this sick, and taking blood and having barium swallows and barium otherthings [ps to polly: i had to laugh out loud when i saw yr myspace was like we were sharing a private joke you knew nothing about!], and poop samples? no one. no one wants to blog about such things, when calling nicole and amy and my mom right before dinner time is so much more fun.

anyway, good things abound: thanksgiving is my favorite. nicoley is coming. the boy and i went grocery shopping last night and our kitchen table is stacked with onions and sweet potatos and lemons and apples and dried apricots and vegetable broth and dark brown sugar and acorn squash and garlic and all kinds of stuff that won't fit in the fridge, given the fridge is stuffed with a turkey and other stuff that i can't see from where i'm sitting (hello brand new dining room table. the boy says this purchase makes him an adult. is that what does it?). the goodnight irene oevre is almost finished (we have yet to elbow patch). it was my grandma's 83rd birthday last sunday and we had a tea for her, with banners and cupcakes and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches. there is a carnival near our house that we may decamp the thanksgiving crew to attend. and poop samples, of course. cause going number two on wax paper is always something to write home about.


Nika said…
i’ve seen pictures of the lantern festival in beijing and it is absolutely stunning. i am jealous that you have the opportunity to go to a similarly styled carnival that is near by. i thought one had to go half way around the world…very nice. i have already begun my thanksgiving feasting and am looking forward to more.

i hope you recover soon—it sounds miserable.

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