4th? yes, 4th job in 10 months...

and keep in mind, two of those months were spent voluntarily unemployed, nursing a broken arm and an overwhelming urge to either catch the next train back to portland or spend all my money on any thing and many things unimportant (thanks to those two months, i just recently filled 6 trader joe's bags with clothes that not only have i never worn, but clothes that, if they were the only clothes in my closet, i would choose to drape myself in a sheet instead of wearing. don't believe me? ecru crocheted zip up bolero style hoodie. i rest my case).

anyway, so really, its my fourth job in 8 months. the first job was dumb and bad and only lasted like, a week, so it should hardly count. the second job's miseries were well documented here, a horrible hovel of a brick warehouse, its parking lot built over a toxic waste site. never told you that part, did i? and whose office was closest to the parking lot? you betcha. horrible gut wrenching pains that had me collapsed on the bathroom floor? a distant memory. whew. third job: the fashion house...which i enjoyed a good portion of the time. i certainly learned a lot, and it was a good re-introduction back to la, and i learned that i like some russian food, and that pins come in different sizes (yes, i knew length, but had no idea re girth!). but all in all, amy summed that up perfectly when she said what she said about that job, which i unfortunately can no longer recall, but i do know that i was sitting on a futon mattress in the south east corner of her apartment when she said it (she was sitting on the couch, under the north-facing window, maybe nursing a cup of coffee when she said it, should you be curious).

so yes, yesterday i began try number four. granted, its only been 17 hours, but i think it might stick. strangely, it is about 5 doors down from the last job i held before i left la 12 and a half years ago, at the natural fabric co (i do not think they have a website, as they no longer exist). thankfully, the chinese food restaurant with the yummy food but scary fish tank is still there. the new job is also 5 blocks away from my elementary school. i drive past my high school to get there each morning. i also drive past the park and library i frequented in my formative years, where i went to 2 brownie meetings, where i frequently lost my house key rolling down the big grass hill, and where, long one christmas season 18 years ago, the boy (yes, THE boy, this boy) kissed me on the mouth after we went christmas shopping together.

18 years? could that POSSIBLY be right? have i really been ALIVE that long? it was christmas, 1989. no. only 17 years. well, i'm relieved.

anyway, 17 hours in, i enjoy it. i have shelves to arrange. they include foreign language, self-esteem, making friends, behavioral issues, adoption, "all kinds of families", new siblings, potty training, and difficult teenage years. this makes me laugh. my section, though it is the warmest, is also the closest to the bathroom. and its a looonngg set of shelves, and they're shaped like an upside down L.

and the best part: i get 30% off. all books. not "all THE books", but ALL books. i can order wholesale. expect flat, heavy gifts from this moment on...


Nika said…
those 6 bags of clothes would make an awesome start to a naked lady party. i was just thinking about needing to unload/refresh some of my stuff too. oh, i wish. can naked ladies party through the post office? seems unlikely.
all the best with your new job. a children's book store seems like a nice spot to work. and maybe it will give you (more) wonderful and whimsical ideas.
you should get me amy butler's new book. i'm visiting you soon...i think that calls for a gift.
Anonymous said…
children's book world is a fave for our house. (but hard on my pocketbook!) perhaps we will see you there someday ;) good luck!

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