now seriously, no one should really laugh at this. i mean, i'm posting it here thinking that a few of you might find it a little funny, amusing, what not. rather than absolutely tragic.

but we're trying not to count the chickens before they hatch.

apparently wee-ness runs in my family. my niece-ish, aimeeah, turned one last month. i saw her on sunday: she walks, she talks, she blows kisses and likes to feed people crackers, but...there's no denying it, she's wee.

at her seven-month checkup, the dr told her mom that she was in the bottom 21st percentile in regards to size. she was right up there in the high percentiles in everything else: she's a smarty, she's got teeth, she's strong, she's gregarious, and no one's seen the kid turn down food, EVER.

but she's small. at her seven month checkup, she only weighed 17 pounds. granted, its a punchy 17 pounds, all thigh, belly and bicep, but still: a wee 17 pounds.

well, between then and now, she went in for her one-year check up. we had high hopes, as she's eating lots of fruit and the aforementioned crackers now. walking, kind of meager running, a strange little scoot-around she does on her butt.

16 pounds. yes, she LOST weight. she is no longer in a percentile. they do not make a percentile for 16 pound one year olds. she is an anomaly.

the drs told mimi (her mom) not to worry. or rather, that its not quite time to start worrying (yet). however, if she comes back for her year-and-a-half and there hasn't been some sort of significant growth (at least enough to get her back on the percentile charts, bottom or not), she might be (wait for it)...

a little person.

or, as the sweet say, wee.

very possibly, i may end up taller than someone in my family, after all.

oh, that was a terrible thing to say.


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