its a wednesday.

and i'm being a lackey, really i am. i mean, sheesh, we got a dog (another one) for pete's sake, and he's so cute he could sell ice cubes to eskimos. and have i taken any photos? no.

another thing i didn't take any photos of: the jmary photoshoot last july. oh well. my photos wouldn't have been as good as these. try and look closely for the buttons. i sewed them on.

in related news, since that week of frenzied button-sewing, there has not been a whole lot of work. in fact, to be truthful, since i've been back from portland there has been, um, 8 and a half days of work. yes, in the last month, i have worked 8 and a half days. and only just now (well, yesterday) has the official "we're gonna have to cut back your hours" word come in. i mean, i've worked 8 days in four weeks. and i haven't worked since last monday. and i might work on friday. might. so yeah, cut backs.

so here i am, again, looking for another job. maybe a job in addition to, maybe a job instead of, we're taking it as it comes.

i was kind of lethargic last week and this, lazy and depressed and obviously broke. i decided late last night to break those chains. no more feeling sorry for myself! if i'm not working for someone else, i can work for myself! thus was issued a call to arms: more knitting! more playing with dogs! more clean laundry all the time!

and more photos. really.

starting tomorrow....


Nika said…
i would love to see some more pictures of el seƱor tragg! i have been fiendishly snapping pictures of my kitten like the kooky proud momma i am. the clothes you have been working on at j mary are incredible. that leather suit with the lace...omg i could melt. of course i would need to trade bodies with one of the models to wear it (& have a sack of cash, i'd imagine), but really, really lovely.

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