probably not the best night.

we went to dinner with some friends that are now moving to new mexico. its hard when you finally make a friend, or rather, meet someone that you would be interested in being friends with, and they have a boyfriend that your boyfriend is interested in being friends with, only they live kind of far away. and then they decide to move to new mexico. which, really, is much farther away than silverlake. sigh.

and then, came home, took off my shoes, and there was all this commotion outside. dogs barking, bushes rustling, etc. i grab the broom, the boy grabs a flashlight, only to find that this dog
minnie on the chair
and this dog
daisy on my knee

had almost killed a small black and white kitten. that's right. almost killed. so now i'm in here, and the boy is out there, doing, i hope, what brave boys do in situations like these, and the larger dog is sitting at my feet, and i am trying to ignore her.

this is unfortunate. i never was a dog person. i want to go hide.

someone quickly remind me of the food chain or the facts of life or something.


the food chain. facts of life. something.

love you.

today is jake's birthday. i met his brother. hilarious. arcularious, right?
amy r. said…
i know how you feel about anthropomorphism, but they look pretty remorseful.

ps- i'm in florence
Nika said…
do you know who (if?) someone owns the dogs? rotten little things. i hate to ask...but did the kitten survive? one of my old neighbors had a cat that had been attacked by a dog when he was young. motorhead grew up to be a dog chaser. he actually scratched the shit out of a couple of undeserving dogs that matched the description of his nemesis.

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