i have been asked to clarify....

and i will.

it WAS a feral cat/kitten. there are bunches of them in this neighborhood, and i think i saw this one in particular a few weeks ago. but we see them around all the time: they're skinny and patchy and strange looking. the boy said he had never seen so many fleas in his whole life.

and it did, sadly, die. the boy did not do the job, but he did stay out there with it and talk it through.

also, ps to nika: not sure quite how to break this to you: they are OUR dogs.

and, in their defense, i don't think they meant to kill it, as when i went out there with the broom, they both came walking toward me, heads low tails lower, cowering with guilt. it wasn't like some big nasty carnage/jugular thing. i also suspect that the kitten may have actually fallen off of the wall that separates our back yard from our neighbors, and then through a bottle brush tree, before the dogs (they are low to the ground dogs) could have come anywhere near her, so maybe there was already some damage done. i don't know.

i suppose i send them mixed messages, cheering as i do for them when they catch flies...


Nika said…
geez i didn't realize they were your naughty little dogs. poor things--the kitten, the dogs, you and the boy, the whole lot of you. i'm sorry. knowing that the kitten was ferral and flea ridden does, somehow, make it a bit better.

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