nothing, its just been a while.

i went to tuscon arizona over the weekend. mostly just to tag along with the boy and, like, 500 recording engineer folk attending the tape op conference. i did not confer. i, like a few other girlfriends who may have also demanded to tag along, tanned by the pool. the boyfriends came down in the late afternoon to drink margaritas and fancy mai tais. what i learned: recording engineer boys come in one typeface: pasty, with glasses.

i ahve been at work at jmary for about a month now, i think. maybe less. probably less. i am learning a lot. i am driving a lot. i am eating russian food (the seamstresses are russian. they bring lunch. when i am not driving around at 12:30, i am sitting in our studio, pointing at strange looking food and trying to ask, "whats that?" before they plop it on my plate and watch to see me eat it.). it can be hard work. or definitely exhausting. but its work. work that i do. i never have time to be on the computer anymore. this is a mixed blessing.

i will write again, with accompanying tape op photos.

ps to nicole: chris spent a lot of time by the pool. i made sure of it. i also saw gus and kevy and lisa marie.

thats it.

that's okay...i still want pictures...please...NOW!

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