still no photos.

but more on that later.

the 'real receptionist' at my work has pinkeye today, so i am up here, receiving, or recepting, or whatever it is that receptionists do, having gone over the ENTIRE desk and all of its contents with clorox bleach wipes, given that i have never had pinkeye, and don't want it.

just now i was trying to think of what real receptionists do and i thought, silly, you were one, for like years and years (or, a couple), what did you do?

nothing. which is what i'm doing now.

i have plum run out of things to do, and its only 1148 am. sheesh.

tonight, as the boy has to work late, i am going over to the lacma (los angeles county museum of art? yes, i think so), to go see 5 klimt paintings with k/a. only five, which we think is kind of funny, but i hear they're big. anyway, the museum is free every evening, and its kind of overcast today, and looking at big gigantic golden geometric portraits seems like a good idea, at least until i get hungry.

that museum used to issue teeny little tin buttons to wear on yr shirt while you were there, so the guards would know you had paid. but they never changed the design or color of the buttons, so all you really had to do was buy one once (i am such a criminal. one of the boys here at work is having problems with his car registration and the dmv won't issue him another temporary plate...i keep telling him to steal one, but he won't, so today i offered to do it for him. is that a felony?) and not throw it away.

anyway, they don't do that now. i think they just issue you a sticker? which they won't even do tonight, as its free. boo.

ok and so there are no photos. no photos of the elizabeth town hat

(which you won't ever get, for i fear i have lost it, or that minnie has decided to appropriate it as a toy for herself, which is entirely within the realm of possibilities, as she likes all things yarn - smart but naughty dog - but also means that i won't find out for sure for sure until a few months from now when i find the hat, half destroyed, peeking out of whatever half assed hiding place she found for it. the other day i came home to find that she had dragged a yarn ball through the entire house, several times over, and once outside, trailing a strand the whole way, which, of course, got longer and longer and longer. this is made even more funny by the fact that one can, if one desires, move through our house in a big circle: livingroom to dining room, dining room to kitchen, kitchen to bedroom, bedroom to hall way, hall way to living room and we're back. all the rooms open into another. so what she had actually done, is re-wind the ball of yarn, using our house as a gigantic spool. see? smart, but kinda naughty...).

no photos of the baby blanket or the bunnies, at least not here. there are photos in my camera, but its not charged, which led to the following conversation with nicole last night, wherein she asked "where are the pictures?" and i said, "i know i know i know, i have to plug the camera in" to which she said, "wait, did you just say that?" and i had to say "yes, i know how ridiculous that sounded. i really do. but thats all i have."

and it made me feel ridiculous so i promise to get it done, hopefully tonight.

then i will post about being halfway through this spring of events (two baby showers: check and check. bridal shower this weekend, one wedding next weekend, then a couple free weekends, then a birthday party, then another wedding, then a trip to arizona, then another birthday party. and then done). ok, i guess not half way, but a substantial bit is done. at least the weddings will have food....


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