you know i'm excited when i, someone who kneels at the altar of ee cummings, type in all caps.

i got a new job. i start monday, no tuesday, monday is a holiday. i will be working as a studio assistant at a fashion house.

the pay is terrible (but not as bad as borders), but i finally feel like i'm going to be in a place where i want to be, where i will learn, and be able to apply what i learn. honestly, i feel so much like i did in august of 2002 (2002! glory be, karl and nika!) when karl and nika hired me at the littman gallery. i feel potential and excitement and my god, learning new things!

plus, and this is how drunk with excitement i am, its part time (low pay and part time, whoo!) so i can work on goodnight irene. plus, they might want me to knit for them one day! jesus god, i feel like mary tyler moore!

ps to nika: god bless red dog. i was sorry and sad to hear that. i will email you back pronto.

ps to nicole, well, yes it is my old haircut. but there's really not a haircut i haven't had before, so everything is an old haircut. my hair is post-modern.


your everything is post-modern.

congratulations. i hated your other job.
sue said…
tomorrow - i promise!

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