quickly quickly...

i am going to bed soon to start my 1st day at the new work tomorrow. the last days at the old work were strangely both eventful and completely non eventful at the same time. will have to tell you the story some other night.

in hopes that i don't sound like one of the girls i USED to work with, i'm struggling a little over what to wear to the new job tomorrow (i keep sputtering out, "its um, in FASHion" when people ask what the new job is. seems weird.).

also, i have been in such a good mood, i took photos. haven't taken any photos that weren't necessary in months. so i took some. they're there ------> in that flickr badge. admittedly, you'll have to put up with the, like, 40 that i took of the niece-ish on sunday, but should you choose to perservere, there are nice ones from a trip to chinatown that the boy and i took on saturday night. and then through downtown to culver city.

updates tomorrow on the new job, deferring my student loan payments, and trying to qualify for an individual insurance plan...guh.


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