look at me, keeping my word (albeit very late):

at this point, i was halfway through sewing the sweater squares together. after much consideration, i decided on the traditional diagonal pattern, given that i have an obsession with matching and ordering things. random would have been to big a jolt from my comfort zone.

now everything is sewn together, this was like, 4 days later. i sat back, very very proud of myself. (but like i said, a little unsure of what to do next).

ok, the following weekend i went to my moms house for help (this is all documented in a previous post below), and with a lot of patience and a little know-how, we finished. here is the finished fabric side:

feeling a bit cocky at this point, i went to wee wonderfuls and downloaded hillary's wee bunny pattern. i made it out of the matching felt i found at joanne's, breaking tradition a bit, as hillary's bunnies have contrasting fabrics from their front to back. i wanted a more uniform bunny. however, i did use some of the cowgirl material to line his ears.

tonight i am finishing the bridal shower gift for karla, the baby cousin's fiance that i have met once in my entire life, and that was two years ago, but regardless of that fact i have still been invited to her bridal shower (trying not to think that she just wants gifts...). and then i'm going to work on some finger puppets over the weekend.

oh and, the hollywood forever cemetary movies start this saturday ( maltese falcon, an old cemetary, and a picnic dinner? priceless.


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