so, amy made a comment in response to my "i can purl now! i can cable now!" proclomation, and her comment started with, "i'm not calling you a liar, but..."

so. i will post a photo of the hat when i am done, although i am knitting it in navy blue. also, i will admit that it is a copy of a hat that i saw in a movie, a movie that i only watched because it was directed by one of the directors that we work with here at work. i sat through the whole movie thinking, i want that hat i want that hat i want that hat.

so the next day (and this is one of the major reasons i love the internets), i googled (and hold your comments, haters) "kirsten dunst's hat in elizabethtown". and found instructions that seemed very clear. so i'm trying it.

one thing i will say, all of you girls that i know that used to come over to my house on tuesday nights and eat gouda and trader joe's oreos and drink wine and coffee: knitting, and by that i mean the kind of knitting that you do -- with recipes and charts and counting - is a lot harder than the kind of knitting that i usually do -- with the knitting and the knitting and the knitting and stopping once in a while to see if it measures 6 inches yet. so nicole and amy and april and nika: i reiterate: you are awesome. you always were, i thought, but now i am positive-sure.

because i was sitting there, sitting criss cross applesauce on the couch, ball of yarn in my lap, #4 needles, #8 needles and cable needle to the left of me, recipe to my right, trying to work it all out while watching get rich or die tryin, and it wasn't easy.

i had to put my knitting away, and watch. i was thusly rewarded by getting to see terrence howards naked bottom. and fifty cent is my new hip hop boyfriend. i have kicked pharell to the curb since he appeared in that vogue spread about bikinis and brazil. besides, if you're gonna have a hip hop boyfriend, fifty is obviously the way to go.

by the way, if you take my word for it and rent it, you should definitely watch the making of featurette on the dvd, the backstage hijinks between fifty and jim sheridan (the director) are very fun.

also: i think the trailer for the movie andy was working on is on the internet. its called splinter. i will look and try to post a link but, as i'm still not amazingly internets-savvy, it might take me a while.



the cheapest tickets i can find for memorial day weekend is $ this for real or should i hold out for something cheaper? shit. I went to new york for cheaper.

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