blankets and babies.

we are having busy weeks over here in the metropolis. in the next couple of months, there are two weddings, one bridal shower, several birthdays and two baby showers. and it only makes sense, me being so busy, that i decide to take on creative and scary hand-made gifts.

the major idea is a baby quilt. i think i actually saw this quilt in an ad in domino magazine not so long ago, and it was priced at nearly 400 dollars, which though i thought at the time was ridiculous, i am beginning to come around.

no not really. though i fear i might be in over my head. anyway. dean and laurel live in eagle rock, they grow cacti, and they have, according to the boy, dishes with horses on them (where did they GET those, and why hasn't amy found them yet?). also, in july they will have a little baby boy. their baby shower is at the end of this month.

armed with that information, and inspired by the quilt i saw in domino, i have decided to make one of my own, for them. for inspiration and motivation i have decided to journal the process. please do not keep your inspirational comments to yourselves, i need all the help and encouragement i can get.

basically, its a patchwork quilt made out of sweaters, with a fabric backing, filled with batting, and held in place with those little old fashioned ties. it, still, sounds simple enough.

i ordered some fabric off of the internet at (thanks be to shanna for the link). then i went to the goodwill near my grandmas and netted these five sweaters (please note that it was raining the day i took these photos, so they were dull looking, and then i tried to fix them in iphoto, and now they look funny. thus, imaginations required):

really, the colors are a soft yellow, a yellow green, an ivory, a rust, and a browny-tan. i was going to use some of that herringbone print on the cosby sweater, but couldn't get enough squares to not make them look accidental.

i decided to make the blanket 30 inches x 35 inches (or six 5-inch squares by seven 5-inch squares), thus would need 42 squares, cut with a seam allowance of a half-inch on each side. which is why there is a cardboard square in the upper part of the photograph with a big 6 on it. meet my template.

next, using said template and a fine point sharpee, i cut up the sweaters into squares. please remember that i needed 42.

i don't know if you can see the numbers on the little pieces of paper atop each pile, but i way overshot. i think there are close to 60. so i think i'm making a pillow, too.

anyway, consider it installation one. since the photos were taken, i pinned a few lengths together. maybe today or tomorrow i'll sew a few strips together. the fabric was shipped out today, i will also post photo of that when i get it.

wish me luck.


good luck! reprodepot has the cutest fabrics right now, i bet you picked awesome ones. :)
luck. you are doing a project that i can only dream about (when i have time to sleep). but i promised (to whom, i'm not sure) that i will take on my vertical quilt project (from your cool 70s book) this summer. maybe i can promise you, so that way if i don't do it, you can get upset (it will up the motivation-this is how i work).

i miss you. we'll talk about the trip this week. another promise.
sue said…
recycled sweaters have endless possibilities in the crafting world!

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