in the nick of time.

so last night i made dinner for some of the boy's clients, and it was a good dinner, it was a dinner that made me happy, and made them happy. it was a dinner that, though it could have fed 8 people, easily, was devoured by 4. and i was cleaning up as they were in the studio, and i was thinking, i love doing this. i love cooking. and i think i'm kind of good at it, in the past people have liked, nay loved, the things i have made (except for the errant boy or roommate who douses it in hot sauce), maybe i should go to cooking school.

and the thought stuck. even when i was going to bed, i was thinking, all these job interviews, no job...maybe cooking school is the answer.

and then this morning, the phone woke me up. and guess what? I GOT A JOB! seriously, a job! a job that pays money! and, better yet, a job where i stand a good chance of talking with wes anderson! or errol morris. or john waters. a job where i can put my english degree to use! (

and the best part? it doesn't start until NEXT monday, so i now i get a weeks vacation!



your cooking is not that good anyway!

just joking...I love your cooking...but I am really glad that you got that job!

i miss you?

want to meet us in new york?
sue said…
congrats lady, i knew moving to l.a. would pay off!!!
lms said…
wait, nicole, you're asking me to take vacation the second week of my new job? no...i don't think i can meet you in new york. but i will certainly come to portland for your graduation.

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