in answer to amy...

yes, well, my work...

keep in mind, i am very important. seriously. i've been here for four days and, mostly due to the fact that the girl that was supposed to be the 'old girl' (ie the girl who was leaving) has decided NOT to leave, i may actually be getting a promotion. i mean, i was assured, once i realized that oldgirl wasn't leaving, that i would be keeping my job. and then today, when filling out some payroll work, i was told to not fill that out yet, as my payroll position was going to change, but that was a "supersecret". since, as part of my don't-worry-assurance, i was told that they picked me for my experience, maturity and something else that i've since forgotten, and that i will probably be shifted to an executive assistant position, i can only assume the payroll change will be in the upward direction.

but yes, me = im.por.tant.

but you know what that means? i have fucking nothing to do. i talk to directors on the phone. they treat me to lunch every day (and thusly, i have yet to order anything that costs less than twelve dollars), which also means i don't get a lunch break, per se, although we do sometimes watch tivo'd tv at lunch. a new file system is in the works, but still in the developmental stages in my head.

so i dunno. a more cohesive shift will be made soon, whereupon i think i'll probably get a different desk, a computer, perhaps an office (keep yr fingers crossed). but in the meantime, waiting. and looking for fun and clever websites. or posting to my blog three times a day.



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