feeling better about things...

its five-thirty. i've spent the last several hours watching our reels; the samples of work by the directors we work with. this is the kind of thing that i could obsess over -- my netflix list increased by about twelve today. we work with a lot of clients that i had no idea about: nike, american family insurance, new york city (yes, they have their own commercials). we do those wacky burger king commercials with the guy in the king mask (amy, you like those, you know, the ones in french), the skittles commercials with the "sheepboys", the gatorade commercials with the colored sweat, the greg the bunny tv show, the thomason autogroup commercials (portland!),etc. and wonderful directors doing commercial work that (why should this surprise me?) recalls their film work: jim sheridan (in the name of the father, in america), wes anderson (he's done commercials for ikea and mark/avon cosmetics. they're all in saturated color. who would have guessed?), atom egoyan (the sweet hereafter), john waters, jared hess ("jared from utah" who made/is making napoleon dynamite and nacho libre also made goofy moviefone spots starring pale skinny boy actors...), errol morris, and whitey mcconnaughy who made videos for the shins and panther under us.

and tomorrow i will have a permanent place to work and a list of set ups to get through.

tonight i have to go grocery shopping.

i am feeling better about life. i know i'm not supposed to be blogging about work (not very professional, but...) as long as i don't bad mouth anyone, i think i'm good.

more soon.

nicoley, i am thinking of you much. i dreamt of you last night and sent you flowers in my head.


thanks for the flowers

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