only in my world...

so, the parking lot of target, i found a smack spoon. well, wait, i gave the punchline first. yesterday, in the parking lot of target, i saw a spoon, spoon-side down. and i could tell that it was a real silver spoon, tarnished, you know? and i saw it from REALLY far away. i got up close, picked it up, and yup, right there in the bowl; smack marks. so i put it back down again. someone's probably missing that.

anyway, then i came home and did some stuff around here, ate a happy meal for lunch, and not ten minutes later, threw up. then i drank the rest of my sprite, threw it up. then i took a nap, woke up with a headache, drank some water and ate some applesauce, threw it up. then i had some soup, threw it up.

you're getting the picture.

luckily (?) it only lasted a few hours. by four am i was sleeping like an angel.

woke up this morning, did my usual craigslist perusal, email checking, etc. then i proceeded to do what i wanted to do yesterday, which was reorganize the boy's office in an attempt to turn it into a mutual workspace (its going well, really. think white bankers boxes with blue construction paper covering the office depot logo, and then digital photos - of the inside of the box - glued onto the construction paper. yes, i know, i have a lot of time on my hands).

anyway, i go in the living room to knit for a minute and think, hm. it smells like dog food in here. weird. then i go in the bedroom, where i had earlier stripped the bed for laundry and think, weird, it smells like dogfood in here too. i look around. the dog had thrown up on the feather bed. gross. that can't be washed (on the good side, we got to get another one today, which was great, cause all i could think about was the particles people leave behind where they sleep and the thought of sleeping on someone else's dna was freaking me out. me = not into opdna). gross. the sheer volume of it led me to figure it was minnie, way too much to be chihuahua puke.

and then it hit me: THAT'S why the living room smelled like dog food.

so all in all, i've cleaned up 6 puddles of dog throw up today. the boy cleaned some more when he got home.

but yes: i gave the dog the stomach flu. who knew that could happen? or maybe she gave it to me? maybe i'm the first victim of the canine flu?


Crystal said…
I think the spoon gave you the sickenss.

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