November 2, 2008 is just 997 days away...

so, being jobless and broke, and oweing my life to the federal student loan people, i've had a lot of time to sit and rue my position. to think about where i'm going, and where i can go, and what can happen to me, and what choices i will have in this country. this country that, mind you, for the most part i like a lot, when its not being run by the criminally minded few that, if there's a god in heaven, will all someday have to stand before a war crime tribunal.

and i've been kind of listening to the trials on npr, and wanting to kick myself in the head for, just a few months ago, hoping that the awful man who is in charge of our country would nominate alberto gonzalez to sit on the supreme court, if only to stop john roberts from ever getting there. i have never before in my life heard such an awful, pathetic, and non-trustworthy voice (at least one without a texan accent) as alberto gonzalez's.

but yeah, i've been listening to the trials. and reading articles about coretta's funeral. and i've been thinking.

you all know how much i love hillary, and i actually give the people of this country a lot more credit than some of you do, i think that she actually stands a chance, just on the backs of the minority and woman vote alone.

but let me throw out a name: joe biden. democrat. 30 year senator of delaware. did you know delaware is the 1st state?

granted, i'm a little scared of him. he argues just like my mother. and he's got VERY tanned skin and VERY white teeth for someone from delaware. from someone from anywhere but here, really. but look at him:

you could vote for him, couldn't you? i could. i mean, there are 997 days to find out how many times he and ted k. have tied one on and dumped some teenage girls in a river, and i may, in those 997 days to come, wish i hadn't opened my big mouth about this, but really...for now? i could look forward to that.

also: i saw a tshirt today...there was a map of the us, with all the blue states (all 7 of us) filled in, and the remaining ones empty, and it said across the top, "better dead than red". genius. not so much as the lindsay lohan one, but still.


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