le weekend

my whole entire body hurts. no joke. scew the pilates i did last week that left me in serious pain for three days, i have topped it this weekend.

you know what i have now? a yard! you know what i did this weekend (mind you, with only a little help digging holes i could never have dug on my own. i am bad at digging holes)? i planted two trees; a nectarine and a alexander magnolia (polly, as a fellow language lover, did i use the semi colon correctly there? i hate that punctuation! should it have just been a colon?), i planted one entire bed in the front of the house (geraniums and iris mostly), i planned out another bed (mostly deciduous california plants: sage varieties, and something else that i forget now), and am almost finished with the backyard (not so much sun there, so we're favoring shade-loving plants: cala lily, lilac, hosta, foxglove).

obviously, another weekend came to find me still as yet unemployed. i thought for a minute of starting another blog, solely to record the job-hunt, but then i realized that this blog would sorely suffer, as all i really ever talk about, on blog or off, is the job hunt.

i do have a lead, though, and i, of course, have plans to follow it to the ends of the earth. it is an exceedingly l.a. job, though not as exceedingly l.a. as the several personal assistant positions i have sent resumes out on, only to receive no response from. oh well. i bet you emmy award winning directors are mean bosses.

speaking of, i will follow sue's lead.

*four jobs I've had (sigh...)
i was once a bank teller.
after that, i was a coffee seller.
then, i was a nanny.
and then i ran a gallery.

(i doubt they all will rhyme, but who knows, i might try...)

*four movies i can watch over and over:
paper moon
godfathers 1 & 2
il postino
(i hate quentin tarentino)

*four places i've lived:
canoga park california
san francisco california (the richmond)
portland oregon (eastside)
inglewood california (its all good in the 'wood)

*four tv shows i('ve) love(d):
perry mason
the west wing
law and order
top model thing

(i've changed the rhyme scheme)

*four places i've vacationed:
rio de janeiro
san diego
the oregon coast
park city utah (disliked the most).

*my four favorite dishes:
jungle thai at baan thai
french toast at pann's
my own beef stew
and brunch at beulahland.

*four sites i visit daily:
and i google it.

*four places i would rather be now:
anywhere, as long as it is
closer to the coast,
no bugs allowed there,
only people i love the most.

speaking of, i don't know of any bloggers who haven't got this (i would send it to shanna, but i think she's way too busy with beaky), so i'm out...not sending it to anyone else...


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