in all honesty,

i may very well be a basket case, but that test is sexist. i took it again today, and told it i was a male (note: it still asked me if i liked to wear makeup and if i liked to be feminine. how come it doesn't ask if i like to be masculine? is acting masculine in no way problemeatic?).

anyway, so while i didn't score much differently, the test broke the news to me much more congenially. while it told me when it thought i was a female that i was (paraphrasing here) a fuckup, as a male it told me that I'm "not a perfectionist".

in other news: there was some good news yesterday (good, not great) on the graphic design job, and i am finally, after two months here, going to knit night at the yarn store.

also, glitches and all, i'm having a lot of fun on the music genome project.


amy said…
I agree. I did the same thing and it was much nicer to me as a male. Before it said I was strange and weird- as a man I'm just weird.

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