hey dudes its a free country...

kind of, anyway.

you had to know i would change my mind. what nicole said about joe biden (i think it was, to quote, "lisa, he's scary") i gave it some thought, and now i've got a new idea:

russ feingold.

senator of wisconsin. he was THE ONLY member of the senate to vote AGAINST the patriot act. THE ONLY. he was one of a tiny handful to vote against invading iraq. he still lives in his same old house in wi, only renting an apt in dc for the work week. he authored, with john mc cain (who is not my favorite, but i don't hate him, and frankly there's a higher chance of him being president than anyone i've backed thus far) a bill that limits campaign spending. he is a populist, and i think that is good.

unfortunately he is also: divorced, twice. jewish. from wisconsin, and, you know, a fucking vanguard renegade, so his chances are slim. but hey, a girl can dream.


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