well, good news first: i have two job interviews this week -- one for this art publishing company (i thought they published books, turns out they publish prints, like the ugly fern ones some people have in their bathrooms), and another (hold your breath, and your comments) for a managerial position at borders. whatever dude. benefits. and discounts on books. everyone knows that all i need to be happy is something to read and prescription drugs.

secondly, news about sf will come soon. i'm tired and migrainy today. so, more later.



sue said…
good luck, lady! i told nate the other day when we were in borders that i would so work there - it's okay, at least you have an interview!

i miss you!
lisa, i'm sad we didn't get to chill in sf...my life has been total chaos lately. also, there ain't no shame in working at a chain, as long as you reap the benefits! :)
borders! is that what you left me for. man, i feel cheap!

(just joking...good luck...i love you)

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