i guess i'm about as bad at this as nicole is. but here's the news.

i went to san francisco two weeks ago. Polly and i missed each other (ps to her: i have been sending slo good thoughts for your mom), and zefrey and i missed each other (but, as far as i know, he does not read this, so poo on him for not getting up early enough to answer my phone call), but the rain and i had a chance to catch up, and i had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mrs. H&M.

oh good sweet lord, is that not a place for the faint of art, or uninitiated, or whatever. jeez. you really have to experience it, i cannot describe it to you, but i think there are three floors? maybe only two? full of clothes. and cute clothes. not clothes you will have for the rest of your life, not clothes you will want to wear in six months, really, at least most of them, but lots and lots of clothes and earrings and necklaces and tank tops and purses and lions and tigers and bears, all for under 25 bucks. thank god i went there last, or i would be bankrupt now.

but anyway, i forgot my camera on the way to sf (we wanted to leave at ten am, we didn't leave until 2 pm, it was that kind of morning), so missed were likely many photos of cows, and a sunset or two, and likely our cab driver who looked just like arlo guthrie and said to andy, his friend stacy and i, "you kids paying in ass, grass or cash?"

i did not know what to say. part of me knew that this was his sf tourist schtick for the lamos taking a cab from north beach to union square at 1 am on a friday night, but part of me wanted to love him. but not in order to pay our cab fare, i should be clear.

ok, what happened next? i had a couple job interviews, and i got the job at borders. this is what i wore to the interview:

i found out within two hours that i got the job. this never happens to me. this kind of thing happens to nicole. usually i go on five or six job interviews that do their best to trample my self esteem and then someone finally offers me one. so this was a nice change.

granted, the pay is measly. even measly for portland. everyone who i've shared the information with has groaned, and not quietly, so i'm taking the high road now and opining that talking about money lacks class, and constantly reminding myself that this job does include discounts on books, music AND coffee, medical and dental benefits, a 401K (which will likely go unused, given the meager pay), and its also, like, walking distance away, which apparently is retardedly rare in this balmy metropolis.

so that was wednesdays happenings. on thursday i had a headache and stayed in bed most of the day. on friday i went to planned parenthood to stock up on necessities, and people, let me tell you, should you make any more money than i, please share it with the good people at planned parenthood. not only did they meet with me and listen to my concerns, they sent me away with a bag full of SIX MONTHS of necessities, plus other options that i plan to give to my little cousin, mostly due to their frutier qualities, and they gave me a new prescription. for free. all for free. given what the current administration is up to, and keeping in mind the ridiculous group of hardcores we have on the supreme court, please, like i said, support the planned parenthood, and horde some dry cleaner clothes hangers, just in case.

ok. that's over.

in other news, on saturday, we went car hunting:

we had high hopes for coolness, but after an exhausting day of vintage vws, bmws, saabs, and volvos, all of which had hundreds of thousands of miles on them, ripped interiors, broken seats, and possible blood stains, we went back to the lot on lincoln and bought the 1987 honda civic that was the 1st car we looked at, by accident. it was a giant paradigm shift, but the guy who sold it to me reminded me of portland, it had a spotless navy blue interior, it has a hatchback (i love hatchbacks) it works perfectly, its almost smaller than a mini, it gets fantastic gas mileage, and its got a dead spider stuck in the dash.

we can't figure out whether to name it jasper or charlotte (cause of the spider). i'm open to opinions.

and then today, we went to the park:

here is daisy:

and here is minnie:

and here is a picture of the boy and his dogs that reminds me a little of where the red fern grows:

thats all. dinners ready now. kisses.


now that i'm thinking about it...didn't jimbo have a civic hatchback? of course, your car is not teal...which is already a better choice! take a picture...with you in it...holding the bill of sale...and the keys...maybe jumping with your legs bent and your arms in the air...don't forget to smile!
sue said…
first of all, h&m is a wonderful place that is just a few miles from me - trouble! next, i would like to give you props for taking the job at borders - just remember, something else might come along and you are not bound by legal contract to stay there forever! lastly, congrats on your new car - i am so in love with the addition of a hatchback or wagon to an existing sedan!
lisa, it seems as though you are really making a go of it in los angeles and that makes me happy. i miss you lady!!!
lisa, H&M is the most glorious place on earth; i'm glad you got to enjoy it here. my mom is doing better and thanks for your thoughts! congrats on job.

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