i think they're recruiting paparazzi on craigslist!

Reply to: job-130125851@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-01-31, 12:43PM PST

Candidate should have some background in or basic knowledge of photography, have common sense and street smarts.
Position is a great opportunity to learn all aspects of this exciting business.
Potentially leading to fully-fledged photographer with travel opportunities.
Must have interest in and awareness of entertainment business, good command of spoken and written English. Knowledge of Spanish a plus.

seriously, if i could get past the idea of running after britney, camera in hand, i might be tempted. problem is, i'd want to sit her swamp ass down and tell her, make her understand, what a terribly wrong turn her life has taken...


amy, who thinks you would be a great paparazzi said…
maybe that's why they want you to have a good command of english. things have gotten bad enough for brit that even the paparazzi feel sorry for her.
swamp ass? I'm slightly offended...but only slightly! she IS from Kentwood (rednecks ALL THE WAY).
lms said…
i clearly remember you or sue introducing me to the prefix "swamp". i had no intention of slighting n.o., just the nether regions of la.

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