i don't know about this day.

i don't know how the interview went. i really don't. although the girls last week really seemed to like me, we drank coffee and i was there for an hour...the publisher...i dunno. couldn't get a read on him. i walked in at 10 to 10 for a 10am interview. i was walking out at 10:14.

i paid him many compliments on his magazine, asked a couple of good questions. but, all in all, i wonder if he enjoyed me. unfortunately, i took a new route, one that wound about a bit more, but was much more less intense (for those familiar: instead of the la cienega, left on venice, right on motor i took slauson, right on hannum, right on playa, that turned into overland, right on palms, right on motor), and i got there within 15 minutes. problem was, i gave myself an hour to battle traffic. all said, i got there at 9:20, and ended up sitting at the coffee bean for 30 minutes, getting myself all super caffeinated and weird.

anyway, we'll see.

i will say that as i got back in the car, at 10:15, it took me three songs on the radio to get home: the 1st was this song by this band, i don't know what they're called, but there's a tiny part of me that has fallen in love with it for its reassuring qualities, as the chorus goes something like, "you're a shining star, you'll do great in l.a..." the second song was lets dance by david bowie, and the third was alex chilton by the replacements. yes there is a radio station in los angeles that plays these kinds of songs, even back to back, but the larger point at hand is that i am retardedly superstitious, so three good songs, one of them being overtly reassuring, in a row, after an interview is always a good sign.

i am half nick hornby and half savant.

after that, however, the day took a turn for the worse. the new job at borders has sucked to the extreme, not only working at a bookstore where people love stephen king and some african-american bodice ripper author named "zaine" (yes, one name), but more often than not, i show up to work and someone says, "oh, what are you doing here? there's no training manager here today. you don't have to work". there's a part of me, admittedly, who liked this, as there's nothing better than getting to work only to find out that you have an off day, but there's a larger disorganization at hand that is difficult to deal with.

after a whole weekend full of scheduling snafus, i went in today to discuss scheduling with the manager, who told me that things had changed since they hired me, and since i proved to be adept, and moreover, quickly adept at everything i've been taught this far, they were now scheduling me for closing shifts, as that is where most of the staffing holes are, and they felt i could easily fit in and do anything that came up.

closing is 4 to midnight. all three weekend shifts. this is not what i bargained for, moreover, not at all what was suggested would be my schedule at my interview (not even my hiring meeting, i would have never got that far, but at my INTERVIEW). i asked, and there was no flexability.

please, bc i know many of you are snickering at my work ethic, but please keep in mind that i moved here to be closer to people that i loved; my mom my grandma my boyfriend, and try to figure out when i could visit with any of them. try also to remember how cranky i get when i'm tired, and keep in mind that, when i get home at midnight-thirty, i don't get to sleep til 3ish.

so the borders experience was short. there were other problems, as well, and when push came to shove, it wasn't worth the $50/day that i was getting.

so in the meantime, i am trying to pimp myself out for rent money, offering to sew curtains, to do filing, and ironing. i'm also back to sending out 5 resumes a day. but my fingers are really crossed (as yours should be) for "where la"....because i've arrived.


Crystal said…
I think that song was a sign, you will do great in L.A.!
lms said…
do you know the song? its a silly song, but it makes me feel better.
sue said…
happy interview thoughts are all around!
I hope the work ethic comment wasn't meant for me, although I think it was. I am proud of you for quitting Borders. The idea of loosing my friend to a mega-book chain was a little hard to swallow. Loosing friends to boys, family, sunshine is hard enough...
I hope that you told Borders where to stick it!

let me know about the magazine job...that sounds cool.

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