a heads up:

there are more job interviews tomorrow (thursday) so please give me a thought or two.

one, a admin job at a magazine company (they publish WHERE magazine, with three local markets; oc, la, and san diego. its a lifestyle magazine. i think this is great and i want this job desperately, and not only because it pays twice as much as borders), the other is at a gallery, and its more of a scheduled drop by than an official interview.

all results will be updated tomorrow, though i might not take a photo of what i wore, as it might be very similar to what i wore last time, as it proved to be a lucky outfit. ok, i have to go and get car insurance now.



good luck?
have you started borders yet?
lms said…
see my response to you. i cannot write more, as i am in tears over my thwarted romance with jh.
Amy said…
so... what happened to borders?

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