everythings ok now

found my favorite yarn store yesterday. seriously, it may be my favorite yarn store outside of california. beautiful selection, featuring both fancies and plain yarn, lots and lots of colors. and affordable! yarn - good yarn, italian wool - for $3! and then what did i find out?

there are TWO of them. one in santa monica, one in el segundo (yes, where qtip left his wallet. next time i go, i'll ask if they've seen it...). for the uninitiated, el segundo is between redondo beach and inglewood, thus between my grandma's house and mine. plus, there's an ice cream store next door.

other than that, not much. we leave for sf tomorrow morning. i hear its supposed to be raining. other than meeting up with assorted friends (attn polly! get ahold of me!), i am planning a lot of hotel room time, sleeping, knitting and the like.



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