attention everyone

please remember to give me credit for learning how to post photos at all before you make fun of me for posting them sideways. you all have necks, tilt them at a 45 degree angle.


sue said…
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sue said…
ok. here's what you do:
1. log onto flickr
2. choose the photo that you want to use
3. choose "all sizes" of that photo
4. choose which size you want to use
5. copy the photo's HTML given at the bottom of the page for said photo
6. log onto blogger to create new post
7. paste photo in new post
8. write your entry
9. publish post
10. no more 45 degree head turns for your readers!!!
lms said…
problem being i didn't import them from flickr. but from iphoto. but thanks for the help for flickr for future reference.

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