another tshirt i love

ok, seriously, the fact that this is a verbatim lindsay lohan quote from an interview in this month's vanity fair, while diatribing on how annoying it is when people ask if she's "ok" (no i didn't READ the interview, i've only heard about it), only makes this tshirt more of a prize. genius. and not lindsay, mind you, although there's a bit of train wreck genius in her, too, but that someone actually made a fucking shirt of it. i would wear this shirt EVERYWHERE (except, of course, at work or on a southwest airlines flight).


amy said…
I think you may be the first person to declare l. lohan a genius of any kind. Maybe since she lives in l.a. and you live in l.a. you all could meet and she could enlighten you with her philosophies on breast augmentation. or whatever.
lms said…
you misunderstand. a BIT of trainwreck genius, you know the kind c. love had; the ability to take over the media with ridiculous/mundane antics. and she's so weird and freckled! and today, at the oil change place, i saw a photo of her in people with self tanner stained all over her hands. and she was waving!

(those of you who remember my own antics with self tanner on my jawbone two years ago can stay silent please!)

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