things i've been meaning to do.

write more and post more photos, obviously.

related, read the instruction booklet for the camera i got for christmas.

also related, i really did mean to bring my camera to the photo shoot for the collection that the designer i work for just finished. but at the very last minute, i decided to leave it at home, worried that the fashion models, irritating photographer, and fancy hair and makeup guys might make me nervous. they didn't at all. but either way, i was way too busy; undressing, dressing, and then clamping the clothes on the too skinny models. the only time i was jealous was when one stood right next to me, in full hair and makeup, plus platform shoes. i smiled and nudged her away, telling her she was making me feel like a short little troll. she laughed and pointed to my chest and said that was ok, i was making her feel like an ugly little boy. touche. i liked her much more after that.

i finally found the instructions to make a cedar chest into an office, so i'm totally gonna do that this week, now that i have some time off.

i also need to organize all my art paper.

was there something else? yes, finalize my financial aid deferrment (pls cross fingers and toes for me). do some sewing (alter the blue dress, make something useful out of the brown paisley dress that i wore til it was almost dead, work on those tshirts, maybe make a sundress for portland, etc). i want to go to the beach. i want to update the rest of my books to that library page. i am only about 1/8 through.

what else? oh, finish organizing the closet and getting things to goodwill. hang the bulletin board. find my old fan (its hot here! is it hot there too?). i swear that tomorrow i am going to read the whole sunday paper.

that's when the vacation starts. saturdays are always free. i have from tomorrow til next sunday, and i'm getting all this done and more!

specific to no no: are you passing through this way on your way home, too?


sue said…
i can't wait to see what happens to that brown paisley dress and whatever else you come up with!
amy r. said…
ok, so i made a blog of my own. we'll see how it goes.

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